TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI is an Italian consulting firm composed of highly skilled professionals specialised in assisting businesses and individuals with international activities and/or interests.

TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI is an independent tax and corporate advisory “boutique”, made up of Chartered Tax Experts and Accountants and Legal Auditors with decades of experience, offering comprehensive and specialised services to help companies and individuals make the right tax choices, comply with tax obligations, assess risks and opportunities, and plan and optimise their tax position.

The firm offers an efficient, professional and personalised service for each individual client. Our team can help you navigate the complex world of tax and corporate regulations and support the growth and success of your business, both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to its experience, TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI is the ideal partner for all types of business, both Italian or foreign-owned, and operating internationally, regardless of size or business sector.

TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI offers solutions to meet all types of tax-related needs, thanks also to an extensive network of relationships and cooperation with other leading professional organisations, both in Italy and around the world. This allows for a flexible approach tailored to the needs of each individual case, in terms of both the required expertise, the number of professionals, and geographical location.

TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI is characterised by a high level of heterogeneity among its clients in terms of both size and sector.

TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI is a member of World Law Alliance (, a global integrated legal and tax advisory services organisation operating in more than 80 countries around the world.

Expertise, timeliness, proactivity, personal dedication, confidentiality and fairness are the core values on which TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI is based.

We are proud to offer high quality services to our clients, thanks to the experience and expertise of our professionals. We are committed to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Francesco Mangiameli

Founding and Managing Partner



TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI is a group of professionals with years of experience in providing specialised consulting services for companies operating internationally.


As an independent boutique firm based on experienced professionals, TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI is able to offer a proactive and flexible service.

Customised solutions

TAX LEAN ASSOCIATI offers customised solutions, taking into account the specific needs of your business and relevant tax laws.